Portal FX


I thought the hub room needed something to indicate which rooms the player had been though, so created a sort of glowy portal that dissapears after that corridor has been traversed. As I’ve been having optimization issues with some particle fx, I decided to do this as a material. I created a cylinder without end faces, and made a sort of striped texture.


In the material editor, I panned this to add some dynamic movment, and multiplied a gradient with the opacity to make it appear more magical.



I then had this flash in and out to give a sort of pulse effect. Multiplying the emissive by a cosine wave did this, but I had the issue that when it wasn’t there it would go black, which was very obvious.


To fix this, I added the pulse to the opacity instead of the emissive.


I then added another cylinder underneath, with a low opacity emissive to act as a sort of fake light.

portals7 portals8 portals9

The code was quite simple, I had to search around a bit to find destory actor, but once I found it it was simple to add it to the end of the orb code.


I think these colour coded fx add to the idea that each room is different, which is great, and give visual cues to the player to move on to the next portal.


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