Game Ending

I wanted something to happen at the end of the game, to show the player they’d completed it and to provide a nice exit point. I looked to proteus and flower for inspiration, noting the circular particles that form in proteus and the ribbon trails on the tree in flower’s first level.

tree9 tree11

I did the code first and ran into a few mistakes along the way. I tried IsValid first, the idea being that I would check to see if the orbs existed and if so, create the fx. This didn’t work, so I tried a branch with an IsValid condition. What I learned by hooking this up to a key press and testing it, is that the object is always valid, regardless of weather or not it is visible.


As an alternative, I decided to use a hidden variable that would “score” the player and assign a point for each room completed. When the count reaches 3, the fx would appear. This wasn’t too hard to set up – I created a float variable,


I connected this to a branch and audiocomponent to test, and it worked.


Then I needed some artwork to connect to it! I created a sort of fake ribbon by creating a curve in maya, extuding some polygons around it, and doing a planar map for the whole thing. This means that I can pan a material up it to give a ribbon like effect. I used this technique in Seek to create the cutscene and have had a lot of good feedback on it.


I also added some shiney dust particles and a trigger box, that when overlapped by the actor, ends the game.

Itree7 tree6

The effect itself is very simple right now and was sort of created as a placeholder last night when I was far too sleepy to be creative. If I can get the optimization and bug fixes done before the end of today I’ll work on making it much better.


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