Set Dressing and Materials

Sorry for being so quiet on here lately, I’ve been getting on with set dressing for the game and sort of ignoring everything else.

Water Corridor

I blogged about my models and ideas in the last post, so I’ll start of with the materials for the water corridor. I started out trying to do a high to low poly normal map here, but as the model is a large and awkward shape, with uvs to match, it turned out very low res and just looked awful.


Instead I hopped on to cgtextures and used a combination of images, as well as adjustment layers and the NVIDIA normal map tools to create my textures. They are pretty basic and lacking in terms of detail and attention, but right now their purpose is to give context to the fx art, which is the centerpiece, rather than be good in their own right, so I’m not too worried. Clearly, in my actual honours project, I will have much more polished models and textures if I go down a route that needs them.


I created the bottom half, used this to generate a collision mesh, then added the top half by mirroring. I then played around with different methods for pouring the water, trying curved spouts, small blocks and eventually settling for these square archways. I’m interested to see how these are reacted to – squares are generally firm and reliable, so I wonder how this will change the experience.

After that I added my previous candle meshes to the scene, with their fx, and added appropriate lighting. I played around with colours a lot before settling – I had originally intended a blue to match the scene and create positive vibes, but greens and blues made the room feel very cold. In response, I changed this to a red, hoping that this would feel homely rather than sinister as I focused on a yellow tint rather than a pillar box type of red.



Abstract Corridor

Adding the fx

Nature Corridor

The nature corridor was simpler than the water one, as, being sort-of outside, it didn’t need any additional models. I wanted to have a sort of overgrown old building feel to this one. I used the same texture pipeline as before.


For the abstract side of things I again used basic shapes and emissive materials, this time drawing from the godrays and dust for shapes. I wonder if the triangular shapes will made the player feel less relaxed. I had originally wanted to remove them as research points to this, but I want to test it myself because after playing I have an incling that this might not be the case.


I then created some foliage out of photos and planes, there’s issues with the join between the grass and the plane but again, environment art is not the focus here so it can be changed at the end if there is time. I really like how everything came together here. I went for a yellow lighting scheme to match with the godrays.

materials8 materials9

Fire Corridor

For the fire corridor I wanted to create a sort of Morocco meets Volcano look .

Fire mood

I really struggled to get the textures right for this one.

materials10 materials13 materials15 materials16 materirals11 matierals14

materials17 materials12


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