Corridors Revisited

Thanks to a TRASHCLASS error when saving the map (my blueprints were pointing to external references that no longer existed) I lost a lot of the work I did yesterday. Thankfully, the blueprints were easy enough to reproduce, but it got me thinking about my corridors, and how I was going about them wrong.


I wasn’t working modularly for a start, which is really bad game art practice. It also meant that changing scale was going to be very difficult. I did some doodles of what I would like my corridors to look like, and I think I want the realistic part of the corridors to be reminiscent of an actual space, rather than just element themed.


moodboard 2

For the water corridor, I looked at some water themed levels in various games, and then decided what I liked about them. Bright blues, roman architecture, stepping stones, shaped waterways and overgrown plants were really coming out at me, so I’ll create something along those lines for the water one.


Modelling wise, I created an arch like shape that can be joined together to create a spiral or curve. I then mirrored it in y to get the roof.


I reconnected my targets and triggers and got a level that’s much nicer than before!



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