Finishing up the Hub Room

I started off working on the hub room by creating my glowing orb and tree models.


The orb was simple. just an extruded sphere with a frosted glass material (low roughness value + clouds texture) and an emissive one.


The tree was created by drawing splines from my reference picture and extruding cylinders along them.


I made some tweaks to the trunk to make it seem like an old, gnarled tree.


And then started combining the branches. This got a bit difficult, as I gave gotten very used to working low poly, and I haven’t modeled in a while. It could have been cleaner, and I had a few normal issues, but as I am using it with an emissive material, I felt correcting it wasn’t a good use of my time.



This is what it looked like with the three orb colours in editor. Really happy with this – it has that magical/spirtual quality that I was after.


After that I set up the blueprints for the orbs. The idea is that upon reaching the end of each corridor, the player lights up one third of the tree. I started this by using add static mesh, which worked, but only one. It couldn’t spawn more than one mesh, not matter where, what or by which key press/trigger.


I added some prints and delays to try and work out what the issue was, and found that it wasn’t getting stuck at the spawn, it thought it was able to do it.


I had a look at the actor referencing guide on the UE4 documentation, and found that they used spawn actor from blueprint. This worked, and could do so more than once.


So I set up a blueprint for each orb set. This worked, but had the actors spawning in the wrong place. It turns out that the transforms of root components changed in the blueprint won’t be used when called in another blueprint. I used the roots as dummies, and attached new meshes that could be called. I set up my transforms in the actor blueprints.

hub12 hub13 HUB14

This is working really nicely, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it feels when the prototype is completed.


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