Second Prototype – Room 1

The prototype starts off the same as before – with the long dark corridor, lit by candle flames, leading to the mandala. The difference this time is that I’m taking more care to design the prototype with the oculus in mind.

I added a post processing volume to create a kind of flash as the player moves though the mandala – I want to make it clear that is it a portal and make the player feel like they are being taken into the experience. This also takes away the weirdness of walking though the mandala. After walking though this, the player is spawned to the next room. I used triggers and targets instead of a full flowing level, as the room shape is very compact and separating this out will give me more room to work. On a design level this works, as this is not a real space, but a representation of the player’s mind – so why would it have to follow the rules of a conventional space? Using the portal style motif this makes sense as a decision. I created the sound cues the same as before, but made sure I looped the backing track, as this was an issue last time.



The current issues with this room is that I have some chromatic aberration problems with the rift (where colours don’t align correctly and you get a little wobbly flicker of each RGB value) – apparently you can change this in the ini files but it has to be done by hand, so I’m getting a more experienced dev to talk me though this tonight. So far its just the flame that’s doing this, I think it moves too quickly for the rift.


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