Further Reading

I’ve spent this morning tiding up my proposal and adding my further reading. I’m fairly clear with where I’m going with the research next – continuing with shape and colour research,looking at meditation and looking at game design and affective technologies, which Simone recommended earlier in the week. I might also look into symbolism, as it seems to be becoming part of the project.


Thomas.1997.The Illusion of Life:Disney Animation. 1st Hyperon Ed Edition. New York:Hyperon

Shape and Composition

Bouleau, C.2014The Painter’s Secret Geometry: A Study of Composition in Art. Allegro Edition.

Oregon: Allegro

Bang, M. 2001.Picture This:How Pictures Work.2nd Paperback Edition. New York: SeaStar Books

Affective Technologies and Digital Culture

Gardiner, H. Cashen, T. Bentkowska-Kafel, A. 2011.Digital Visual Culture: Theory and Practice.Kindle Edition.Intellect Ltd.

Sturken, M. Cartwright, L. 2000.Practices of Looking:An Introduction to Visual Culture.Paperback Edition. Oxford:OUP

R.A. Calvo, S.K. D’Mello, J. Gratch and A. Kappas (Eds). Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing. Oxford University Press. To appear 2015


Gurney, J. 2010. Colour and Light.Paperback Edition. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Zelanski, P, Fisher, M,P. 1999. Colour. 3rd Edition. London: Herbert Press

Von Gothe, J, W.2008. Therory of Colours.Kindle Edition. BLTC Press.

Game Design

Fullerton, T. 2014.Game Design Workship: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games. Third Edition[Kindle Edition]. AK Peters/CRC Press.

Us and the Games Industry.[Film] Directed by Stephanie Beth and Clay Westervelt. Independently Published. [Available to buy online: http://www.usandthegameindustry.com/%5D

Chen, 2013.Designing Journey.Game Developer’s Conference 2013. San Francisco, March 5-9. GDC Vault.


Ballentime, R.M. 1987. Theory and Practice of Meditation.Rev Exp Edition. Himalayan Institute Press.


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