Butterfly fx – Movement


GORDONLAWRENCEVIDEOS.2013.BUTTERFLY GARDENS; Thames, New Zealand.[online] YouTube. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itBzJUd_A38%5BAccessed 17 November 2014]

JCMegabyte.2010.Dance of the Butterflies: Slow Motion Gulf Fritillaries 720p HD Upscaled Casio EX-F1.[online] YouTube. Available from:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSKyqi9lQiw%5BAccessed 17 November 2014]


The movement was looking too fast – it was natural and failed to produce a calming sensation. To improve the overall movment, I decreased the overall rotation rate for both emitters, whist increasing the roation amount to get a wider circle. I also added rotation on Z to add a bit more of random looking movement. This looked far more natural, and the slow, relaxed but still moving animation suits my goals.


I fixed the popping in issue by changing the spawn method. This also stops butterflies spawning on top of each other and the delay at the start of emission. Instead of using multiple particles, I use one on each emitter with an infinite lifetime. To do this I set my burst count to 1, so that when the game starts, 1 particle is emitted. I then set spawn and lifetime to 0, so that no other particles would be emitted and the single particle can never be killed. I did add kill on deactivate for optimization reasons, so that when the player leaves the area with the effect in, it can be killed with a blueprint and won’t continue to use resources.

I created this with the help of the info in this forum: https://forums.epicgames.com/threads/751224-How-do-i-get-a-particle-effect-to-play-once-or-remain-on-screen


The normal flipping on the plane was very obvious, so I changed the model to be 2 sided. With this fixed, I went to improve the fluttering effect, but unfortunately didn’t get anywhere. I tried to use a constant or uniform curve to tweak the timing of the flutter, but changing the spawn to use burst only meant that I had no time to work with! I thought there might be a seeded version of the module that I could use non-particle relative time with but unfortunately it doesn’t exist. Both constant and particle parameter distribution types just make the fx dissapear.

I haven’t actually made any changes to the fluttering, but it still looks better when combined with no normal flips and the softened movement.


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