Abstract Water FX

Taking inspiration from both Nintendo’s The Wind Waker and Oskar Fischinger’s work I created an abstract version of my previous water effect. I took the abstract butterfly effect and reused it here, to create a blocky version that mimicks the movment of water but does not represent it.


I wanted the individual shapes to be more obvious, so I took down the rate and added colour over life for some variation.


I then got to work on the splashes, this time combining it into one particle effect.


I changed the size and velocity quite a bit from the previous version, looking at wind waker’s splashes. I used a circle for the splashes and made it larger than before. I also made the spread of the effect bigger.


I then added the small on water splashes, again making these circular and a little wider.


Here’s the full effect!


Abstract Water FX from Amy Stevens on Vimeo.



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