Abstract Butterflies and Ribbon Trail Issues


I had an idea to get rid of the texture completely and just use the plane for my abstract butterflies. I then wanted to add a cute, cartoon style trail.


I took the butterfly effect and added a material without the alpha and this was fine…the ribbons were the issue!


I added a new emitter, made it a ribbon datatype, with the blue butterfly as the source. I used spawn per unit to get it to spawn on the source particle. Unfortunatley, after a lot of digging, I learned that the orbit module is not really affecting the velocity. It just offsets the particles. This means that the trail canoot inherit the velcoity and won’t move with the particle. I tried adding “orbit affects velocity” but this only affects orientation of the particle, not movement.


From what I’ve seen on the Unreal forums, its unlikely that the effect is possible with the current butterfly set up. There were suggestions of manually animating the butterflies and adding an actor source. I might try this instead.

Abstract Butterflies FX from Amy Stevens on Vimeo.



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