Butterfly Fx – Colour

I stated in a previous post that I would use light blue and cool orange, colours that symbolize spiritual awakening and knowledge. There was an issue here though – how do you make cool orange? I took this into photoshop, looked at different hues of orange and decided that warm ones are closer to red and cool ones to yellow. Some say that yellow is the warmest colour, some say orange and some say red, but I feel like red is the warmest. I then mixed a red close to warm orange, a yellow close to cool orange and a light blue. I got two different shades, neither of which I was totally happy with, but mixed these together to create something I liked. Its rather brownish, but I’m ok with that.


I then contrasted my orange with bright colour wheel orange, using the same blue colour as a reference. The warm orange makes the blue seem brighter by comparison and is what I would call an “action colour”, in that it would be associated with energy. The cool orange is much more muted and does not inspire this energy.


Quick reference for use within Unreal. I thought this would be a great idea, but then realized that unreal uses normalized RGB. Luckily I found this great tool for switching between them. http://doc.instantreality.org/tools/color_calculator/


I like the colour scheme on the butterflies, but its clear that the texture isn’t best suited to having a colour multiplied with it.


Adding more contrast in the values of the texture helped quite a bit, but it still has a wishy washy quality to it that I am no so keen on. I added a 0 value to roughness which helped with this a bit.

8 Butterflies


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