Meeting Notes


Submission – screen capture, exe, readme

Music doesn’t loop.

Fire looks like a furnace, looks controlled – this is what’s bringing the anxiety. Could present this in another way and experiment.

There are connotations associated with the shapes of the rooms as well as the fx.

Visual considerations for Oculus – something to write about.

Level design – multiple mandalas linked by spawn points with a level hub.

Visual rewards for progress like in proteus.

Sound design – try for different rooms, how does abstract sound in the mind sound? (Neon wet sounds)


What is the area?

What is the thinking in the areas?

What are the problems in the area?

What do players bring to the project?

Relationship between design, experience and art.

Is the project about aesthetics led design? This could be applied to any area of art, what makes it fx specific?

Could it be about abstraction and agency – does abstracting the art make the player become more involved in determining meaning? Is there agency in meditation? How do those experiences cross?


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