Butterfly Texture

I’ve had a butterfly effect idea in my head for a while, so decided to sit down and start it tonight instead of doing more writing. I was originally going to use a photo texture, but my graphics tablet was looking a little dusty so I thought I’d give painting a shot. This was the reference I used.


My painting skills are pretty bad and this clearly needs a lot of work! I would love to find out how to get better textures in digital painting, however at the moment its not really something I have a great deal of time to look into.


Despite the painting not being great it worked well when made small for my subUV texture. I ran a couple of adjustments though them to get a wider variety of colours. In hindsight, I should have done the painting in black and white and added colour later, as this tends to create better values.


I then did an alpha version to use in unreal.

buttflies 3

Can’t wait to get this turned into an effect!


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