Project Aims and Conclusion

I really am writing this proposal backwards! I wrote my conclusion, focusing on what I would like to achieve with the project. I don’t think an honours level research project has the sort of impact that I’ve laid out here, but it makes sense within the context and it is possible if the topic was taken to a higher level. This helped me rework my aims into something more coherent. I’ve actually surprised myself – the project is more about aesthetics lead design than I thought it was!


To create a piece of aesthetics driven interactive media that explores how the formal elements of art can be applied to game fx in order to relax a player.


Examine how emotion and aesthetics driven game experiences influence their players.

Create fx animation for games that uses the formal elements of art to affect a player emotionally.

Create a relaxation driven experience in the form of interactive media.


This outcome of this project should be valuable to game developers from both a professional and cultural standpoint. It should prove that the use of an aesthetics driven process is beneficial when aiming to create a wide variety of emotional genres in the video game market, improving the work flow of those who wish to undertake an emotion driven game project. Diversifying the emotional output of computer games is culturally beneficial as it can help promote the medium as a legitimate art form. This may also create a larger and more diverse player base, as games can offer a wide range of experiences. Within this, the project should demonstrate that game development is an appropriate medium for relaxation and stress reduction, exemplifying this diversity of feeling.

The project should also prove that fx animation can be created using the formal elements and that despite the nature of their work, technical artists should not forgo aesthetic driven design principles. This will allow fx animation students and practitioners to push their art further and create meaning within their work. There is a shortage of qualified technical artists in the games industry and promoting the artistic parts of the work may inspire more artists to specialise in this area.


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