Contextual Review Plan

I’ve bullet pointed my main arguments for my contextual review to help me get started writing.

  • Games have the power to produce emotions in players however most of these emotions are not found in the market.
  • Difference between HCE and AAM emotions.
  • These are found in experiential/indie/art games – Jenova Chen – Examples
  • Emotions can be promoted though game aesthetics, particularly when formal elements are used, as traditional art has a link to emotions. Quote from Journey producer – start with an emotion or idea.
  • Shape/Composition – circle, square triangle meanings. Religious painting and composition to be mimicked in visual and level design. Shape dissonance and harmony. Examples.
  • Colour – Journey and Turner. Feelings associated with colours. Limited colour schemes. Examples.
  • Formal elements come together to create meaning – symbolism. Examples.
  • This is explored in an emotion non-representative way in abstract animation and art. Viewer creates own meaning and self reflection.
  • Creates meditation like feeling – euphoria, timelessness. More meditation research?
  • Compare abstract animation and fx
  • Formal elements apply to fx and can be pushed further by including the principles of animation.
  • Diablo, rapture ect, – specific fx for emotion.
  • VR and alt game spaces – better at creating these feelings. (More research?)

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