Guided Meditiation in the Rift

Now that I have my hands on a rift I’ve been able to play this. I have quite mixed feelings about it. In general, the rift was fantastic for sensory deprivation and for shutting out things around you. However, this also increased the anxiety that is sometimes felt during meditation, as it is impossible to see what is really happening around you. I liked the visualization as a starting point for the meditation, again using deprivation of outside stimuli really well, but once fully immersed in the meditation I had a tendency to close my eyes, making the visuals redundant. The main issues were probably that the rift can give headaches, is not good to be used when tired and gets heavy after a while. Though sim sickness isn’t a problem with this game, the other things add up and detract from a meditative experience.

So far, I’ve only done three out of the four areas, as I have too much of a headache from the rift to continue.

Beach Meditation

The beach was fantastic. The flythough of the environment made me really happy, which was a good point for clearing out worries. The gentle motion and bright blue of the ocean promote a really relaxed feeling and coupled with the yellow sand crate a very serene atmosphere.

Canyon Meditation

The canyon was similar to the beach, though I wouldn’t say it achieved the feeling quite as well. I liked the vastness of the space, which lent itself well to forgetting about the self. The red colours were not the best choice for meditation, though were not majorly detracting.

Forest Meditation

This area was largely purple with lots of rain fx. The rain was lovley and soothing, but the colouring was more reminicent of a horror game than a relaxing one. Coupled with some chanting that made me feel very on edge, this area did not work for me at all.


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