Basic Research Methodology

After Simone’s lecture on methodologies, I decided that a qualitative, inductive approach will work best for my project. Simone discussed various research philosophies, and the one that stood out as most relevant to me was phenomenology. Phenomenology is the study of experience of phenomenon, and would be suited to a project that focuses on experience and emotion. I thought about using grounded theory as well. It is a non hypothesis led research practice, where conclusions and further questions are taken from each experiment, and get more precise as the researcher moves on. Parts of this may be relevant to the way I structure my research. Case studies of the way players interact with and feel about existing works will also be relevant.


Within phenomenology and grounded theory, I would take an interpretive approach to interviews about my work, noting participant’s facial expressions, body language and reaction to questions/parts of the game. As I will have dialogue with the players and will play the game myself, I will be a participant observer. I am also interested in using think aloud protocol, a method where the subject will articulate his or her thoughts and feelings while partaking in the testing session. The other method I have thought about is a combination of PANAS, the lichter scale and visual aids for emotions. PANAS is a system where the subject marks each emotion with a number, and this is then sorted into categories based on the numbers. This is a much more quantitative approach than I plan to use, but parts of the way that the questions are presented may be useful. The lichter scale has the participant mark their answer from one side to another. A good example would be the strongly agree to strongly disagrees found in many questionnaires. I do not want to conduct questionnaires at all, but only interviewing and observation while testing may lead to inconclusive or doubtful results. Visual aids would be used for those who cannot or are embarrassed to articulate their emotions effectively.



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