Prototype Version Control

After the issues I had at the start of the week, I felt it was important I got version control set up. This however, was not an easy task. I chose git originally, as programmer friends told me that it was the best thing to use with Unreal.


I found an ignore file on the Unreal answer hub which was really useful and was able to add this and learn how to commit and revert.


Unfortunately this was as far as I got. I tried to add my project folder to the repo after this and it just failed to commit every time.


I also tried to use the git plugin for unreal. This is compatible with 4.2 and up, and my project is on 4.1. I tried upgrading the project, but my frame rate dropped horribly.

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I talked about my issue at game dev society and was told to try setting up my repo though the command line. I found this really difficult. The tutorials I looked at presumed prior knowledge of the command line and I had trouble with the dir commands. I was able to clone my repo, just not into the right folder.


I tried a different git gui, but had just as much luck with this as git for windows.


In the end, I decided to try setting it up with tortoise hg, as I had this on my pc already and had used it for previous projects. I had never set up a repo, but I’m familiar enough with the interface. With this I was able to create a local repo quite easily. It took me a while to work out how to revert properly, but now that I’ve worked it out I have a working set up.


Quite disappointed that I couldn’t set up git, however, I have working version control now and that was the most important thing! In terms of personal and professional goals, I am aware that tech artists are often required to have knowlege of version control, so this is something I need to come back to and learn properly. I have a proposal deadline looming right now though, so I think I had better concentrate on that first!


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