Oculus Rift Test

With the help of Stephen, who’s rift I’m borrowing, and Kirsty, I got the oculus rift set up on my pc.

They both tested the game inside the rift, and I got some really encouraging comments that suggest that I am going down the right path with my prototype. Both participants said that the water room made them feel relaxed and soothed. I was also told that they felt safe inside this room. This was largely due to the blue colour, smooth movement and circular blobby shapes. I was also told that the fake caustics that I’ve set up give a sort of wonder feeling that makes the player want to stay in the room. I also felt this when playing, and think that the water room is working really well. Going forward, this is the feeling I want to concentrate on. The fire room seemed to make both players feel uneasy, the lighting specifically making it feel “more horror than cosy wood cabin”. This is backed up in my research, as it is likely that the dark red colours, fast paced movement and angular shapes are what is causing this feeling. The green room was said to be earthy and fresh. The abstract room felt huge and disorientating, however this can’t be judged accurately at the moment, as I’m having lag issues – LODs will sort this.


A few problematic things did become apparent. Firstly, the rift screen displays colours quite differently from the pc, which made some of my fx lose impact. I’m going to check the chromatic aberration settings to see if I can deal with this. Secondly, Unreal 4.1 does not support head tracking, without which the oculus is a bit pointless, as the screen not moving with your head breaks immersion badly. I’ll move the next prototype up to 4.5. The mouse and keyboard are an issue, as it feels disorientating to use them while in the rift. Luckily, ue4’s first person blueprint supports Xbox controllers by default. There was a very obvious collision issue with the doors and some bad lag in the abstract room that ruined the experience, but I’m potentially scrapping the doors, and the abstract fx can have some LODs added.

Overall, the current cons are all things that I can fix, so there’s no reason not to move forward with the rift. I want to try other presentation methods though.


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