I had a meeting with Lynn today to go over the project but unfortunately my exe won’t work without unreal 4 installed at the momement. This is something I’ll have to sort out.

Despite not being able to play the game, we were still able to have a good conversation about the project.

We discussed the artistic side of the project, as I’ve had a tendancy to stick to technical stuff despite my project ideas being fairly emotive and starting to edge towards the avant garde. I need to keep my eyes on the experiential aspect of my project.

Talking about the hub room, we decided that the choice of text and doors was undermining the self exploratory feeling that I am looking to achieve. Lynn suggested using colours to donate the effects behind each door and possibly removing the doors all together as they serve no defined purpose. Colours would allow the player to make an informed choice on where they wish to explore. This ties into my research on colour and emotion.

We also spoke about levels of abstraction and how movement can suggest ideas. Taking the fire and abstract fire effects that I have made as an example, dialing down from realism to abstraction could be a metaphor for forgetting about the problems of daily life and looking inward. Exploring how fx can communicate ideas would be an interesting way to support my research, as long as it is subtle.

Lynn also suggested that I try out forms of metitaion that I haven’t tried and speak to expert level practictioners as this should provide insight into the feelings and imagery associated with the practice.

There was a bit of chat about workload as well – I have a lot going on right now, but I need to make sure that my honours project takes priority.


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