Fire, Dust and Abstract Rooms

The other three rooms in my prototype are the fire, dust and abstract rooms. These all use my previously created fx and unreal assets.

For the fire room I used wood paneling and created a sort of pit to put the effect in. The angular shapes, red colour and associations of danger with fire could prompt a negative feeling in the player, so I tried to offset this with things that might seem more homely and warm.


The dust room was intended to produce a sort of serene nature feeling. The depth fade on the godrays ruins this slightly, as they dissapear too soon, but the magic dust is nice. Adding foliage or swaying grass to this room could do it some good.


The abstract room is intended to let players feel the same as the fire room, but without the representational elements – I wonder if this will produce a negative reaction due to the colours and sharp shapes? I did try to offset this with lots of circles.


I can’t say what these rooms really produce until I have tested it on others. I had meant to have done this already, but Seek + Jam + Problems really got in the way. Next steps – test, set up version control, make changes based on test.


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