Water Room and Door Opening

Today’s work on the prototype focused on the door blueprints and the first of my fx rooms. I started by creating a blueprint that opens the door when you come near it. I had originally wanted the player to click to open the door, but this got complicated when I had multiple trigger boxes, as every trigger would open one door. There will be a proper way to do this, but for the sake of getting a prototype running it was easier to do it this way for now.



After this, I created a room based on the water drip fx I made previously. I placed a few of them in a row, so that players can stand inside the water and see the distortion up close.


To get this working, I needed to create a small body of water shader, to make it seem as if the water is filling up the room. I based this off of Unreal’s ocean and lake shaders. I found a water photo on cgtextures, made it tileable, and generated a normal map from it.

The base colour of the material is created by panning the diffuse texture over itself but with different uv tiling, to create a more random look. This is then lerped with two different shades of turqoise-blue to add some variation to the water colour. The lighter colour is faded slightly to create a softer look.


There are three sets of normals that are blended together. One creates large waves, one small waves, and the other a panning water normal texture. The big and small waves are the normal texture with different uv tilings that are panned at slightly differing speeds. The water normals are a sine modulated panning texture, who’s frequency can be changed by the size of the water.

28 29 30

The waves wobble and fade out when far from the camera. This is achieved by adding a perlin noise texture to the pixel depth, so that the amount away from the camera that the wave will fade changes.


I really like the way this room has turned out so far. Adding the material to the walls and a slightly blue light keeps everything in the room thematic. Its nice to be able to walk under the rain, and I think this adds a sense of realism as you see the water distort in front of your face. I would like to add splashing foot prints and rain dripping sounds to this room, before testing it on some players.

26 25


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