Prototype – Hub Room

Today I’ve been experimenting with the sort of hub room that leads into the rooms with the fx. I started off by reworking the sign, creating a sort of applause sign style thing. I think it works for now but might change it later depending on where the theme of the game goes. It took me quite a while to get the texture right, defining what areas should be emissive.



I then did some different versions of the doors. I wasn’t sure weather I wanted to stick with the more real theme that the sign had started, or do something like the mandala portal. I also thought about using my cloth shader. The first thing I tried was a sort of magical portal based on the mandala portal. I liked this idea, as it keeps the theme solid, but I think the sign might then need changed to reflect this. I also had the idea of doing different colors of portals, to represent the fx or feelings behind them.




Looking at the mystical nature of the portals, I wondered how they would look without the ability to see the room, perhaps going a little more abstract. To do this I set the light to off and the materials to the world grid material, but set them to change to the emissive portal materials when the player enters the room. This used the same logic as the material switching for the sign that I included in my last post. I think that if I want to go down a more abstract, mystical route this would work well, though I did specify earlier that I wanted to be more in the realm of proteus, flower and journey in terms of abstraction, so it might be a bit far.



After this, I tried both lights on and lights off with a cloth shader. Thanks to my laptop breaking, I didn’t have the original shader, and my recreation isn’t quite as good as the first one – the movement is less flowing and natural. If I decide to move forward with this idea I’ll refine it. I really liked the cloth in darkness, but not so much in light. I think this is due to the unrealistic nature of it lacking rails and a proper diffuse texture.

17 18

The last thing I tried was actual doors. The model is from the unreal example props as I wanted to test the idea quickly. This one worked much better than I had thought it would, with the style matching between the sign and the doors working well. It also works nicley in the dark space.

19 20

I plan to test all of these setups on myself and friends to figure out how each provokes feelings.


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