Flame FX

I made a simple flame effect that can be used with a model or alone for a more abstract effect.


I took the flame from a cgtextures photo, and passed a rotating sine wave though this to get a little flicker effect. I made the colour editable within cascade and added a brightness parameter to change things easily.


I took out the velocity module, so that the particles stayed in one place, and reduced the spawn a bit.


After that I added a light to create a nice flame glow and added an orange colour.


It lights up the scene nicely. The outline of the texture is a bit too obvious, but at the kind of distance this effect would be viewed at its not a huge deal.


I made a candle model for some context, and just because I’ve neglected my modelling recently. They are high poly, AAA aimed I suppose. The normals and topology need improved here – there’s some awkward lines that shouldn’t be there.



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