Meeting and Next Steps

I met with Lynn today to talk about where I’m headed with the project. She assured me that my research and technical work was fine, which was great to know, but said that I really needed to start bringing it together in the form of pre-production. This is something that I’ve not really known how to start and I’ve been very aware that I have made no progress towards an actual project. Thankfully Lynn had some great suggestions to help me get going. I was told that focusing on the experience is ok, and it won’t undermine my portfolio (this being on my mind had actually affected my progress worse than I thought), and that I should be making prototypes that demonstrate the concepts that I have explored in my reading. I really like the idea of prototypes and iterating on an actual game, as the idea of sketching and concept development was really unappealing to me and I had no idea where to start. With a prototype, I can chuck in what I’ve done already and then start to build something around that. After I’ve got something really basic, I can start to look at what makes my influences good and incorporate those elements.

So this week, I have to ditch the worries, ditch the reading and just make. The ideas that come out of a prototype should inform what my next research steps are anyway and I can come back to it then.


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