Weekend Work

Over the weekend, I worked on a script that creates nurbs shapes and uses them as control shapes. I had started an advanced biped rig, using a digital tutors tutorial, but found that the tutorial wished you to use its MEL scripts as part of it. Figuring I may as well use it as a chance to improve my python, I thought I’d make my own.


It was quite difficult converting some of the stuff, particularly with unique naming issues and attributes having to be used in place of MEL commands that are much simpler. Regardless of that, I learned a lot about scripting curves, and I’m on my way to making a  tool that can create a wide range of shapes. Once I get this completed it will make my rigging a lot faster, which might be needed considering I have three rigs in the to do pile.


To finish this up I need make sure that every shape has a unique name when created. This works with the independent shapes, as a wildcard can be used, and with shapes after they have been assigned their control name, however I want to preform operations on the individual shapes to make them into one, which has been tricky without direct referencing. At the moment only one of each shape can be put in the scene. I also need to figure out how to delete transform nodes without removing the shape node. I feel like this might be possible with the listReliatives command, but the naming issues are preventing me from trying it properly.

I also did some more sketching and drawing, my figures are looking a little better though I’ve still got a long way to go!


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