Abstraction VS Realism and Project Ideas

After completing a lot of research, I’ve decided to focus on the project itself again, and look at how my research can feed into it. The first question I’m asking myself is where does the theme, narrative and art style of my game fit in with the games I have studied? This will provide a springboard for conceps and influences. Realism is more suited to exploring narrative, whist abstraction is more suited to exploring feelings, emotions and introspection. As I wish to explore relaxation and wonder as a feeling, I wish to lean towards the abstract, but not so much that I create work that becomes irrelevant to the commercial and AAA games industry. Due to this, I wish to use abstract shapes and metaphors, but within the confines of a defined digital space. This would be not unlike A Light In Chorus, where the art is not necessarily representative of its subject, but certainly evokes the idea of it and grounds the player in an environment.

Abstraction vs realism

I also wish to examine the ideas, questions and facts that have come up in my research and determine which of those should directly influence the final product. This should then reveal what my next steps are in terms of design and testing. I separated these into categories of emotion, visual design, game design and fx techniques, to add a bit of clarity to that overloaded diagram and make sure my ideas are visual arts/fx focused. I was glad to see that visual arts is the biggest category, though dissapointed that game design was larger than fx. I don’t want to waste time looking into game design, and would rather focus on the fx. I am not convinced that my project needs any kind of formal interaction, though I do have ideas along that line. Perhaps I’ll try and get the game design out of the way as quickly as I can before focusing on fx.


I’ve also made up a moodboard as a starting point for creating concepts.


Next steps are thumbnails and abstract fx that promote certain emotions.


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