Progress Presentation 1

I think my first presentation went pretty well! I explained my initial influences, areas of research, practical work and next steps. I didn’t get a massive amount of feedback, but what I got was useful. Lynn recommended I check out abstract animation, and suggested the abstract chapter in Animation Aesthetics, saying that maybe by final piece doesn’t need an environment at all. I was also told not to stray too much into game design, and keep things focused on the art. Brian suggested that I start collating my practical and research work, doing some work based on my reading and getting closer to my final concept.

As I outlined a lot of reading and research work in my next steps, I would like to get the bulk of this out of the way before moving on. The plan for this week is to get my current reading list finished, and then look at how I can start applying this to my concept and to my practical work.

Here’s my presentation:


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