Impeccable Scene Design for Game, Animation and Film

“striking visual effects to attract the viewer’s attention”

“all scene designers are actually trying to voice their personal feelings though atmosphere and effects”

“suspended articles in the air have  crated special visual effects. Consequently, objects closer to the point of sight are relatively more clearer and warmer in colour, while those father from the point of sight are relativity less clear and warm in colour.”


“In an illustration with depth of field, the artists can emulate the definition declination due to changes in distance”

“The theme determines what effects and scenery the illustration intends to demonstrate, what attitudes and emotions the designer desires to capture, and the atmosphere and meanings the illustration plans to convey.”

“Atmosphere is supposed to convey a certain emotion though well considered manipulation of light and scenery. The designer should strive to construct spacial atmosphere to give voice to emotions though scenery in order to highlight the themes.”


“Spacial configuration is of high significance to scene design”

“Colour palette, colour matching scheme, the quantity, positions and intensity of lighting sources all determine the style of the illustration. The dominant hue and dominant lighting source can help to enhance the atmosphere”

“There are several distinctive features with landscape works: a wide field of view, an emotionally powerful atmosphere and a striking visual effect”

“a world without light is nothing more than a cluster of darkness”

“It is an important factor to create the depth of field and gradation effects int he picture, making the scenery more real to the viewers.”


“Take the sence of warmth for example. In order to build up this atmosphere, the designer can portray a corner in the room at night, where the glow of a fireplace blankets the sofa before it, incorporating warm colours with common furnishings in everyday life”

“The designer has illustrated the flowers and ribbons drifting in the air in celebration of the rejoicing crowds, highlighting the atmosphere of excitement”

“should take good account of the creditibility for what atmosphere elements should be incorporated in the illustration and how these elements should be presented. For example, the wind direction and wind force should have an identical effect on the ribbons, banners and lanterns”


“The designer has given prominence to the drifting mist shrouding the forest, and the hundreds of brids flabbing their wings in the sky, incorporating dynamics with tranquility and enhancing the vividness.”

“It has something to do with moods or feelings. Good atmosphere will trigger certain emotions on the part of the audience, making it easier to comprehend the theme of the illustration and to capture the defining features of the scenery”

“it might either focus on what a natural scene looks like or how people feel about something. In the former case, natural phenomena such as chill or heat are highlighted,  while in the latter case, sentimental elements are exploited, including grief, joy and so on.”

Examples : “People will feel depressed when dark clouds screen the sunshine, and feel rejoiced at the sight of glittering sunshine and white clouds contrasting the crystal blue sky”, “A stuffed room will make people feel like choking, while a spacious hall can make people breathe easy”, “Twilights make people feel grieved; the tranquil night has a calming effect; the refreshing chill in the morning engenders hope, while a muggy summer afternoon is boring. Spring stands for vitality, summer for vibrancy, autumn for gloom while winter for silence.”, “Decayed ruins make people feel sad, while cogested streets make the edgy.”, “Warm tones generate a sence of warmth, while cold tones are associated with tranquility and stillness”, “A dimly lit room is fear striking, while a well illuminated environment will make people feel at ease”


If I decide to keep going down an environment sort of path, this will be really useful.


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