Games and Players, Futures and Predictions – Richard Lemarchand

I saw this talk at Dare Protoplay this summer, and it had some great points on the future of games and alternative ways to play. Richard was lead designer at Naughty Dog, before leaving to become an associate professor of games design at USC, whose games program has produced, among others, Jenova Chen and Keliee Sandiago.

“Just as the surrealists of the 21st century, like the great Salvaor Dali, were fascinated with dreams and their connection to dreams, our secret selves, I think we see virtual reality as a gateway to our inner landscapes.”

“New kinds of artistic experience that help us expose the workings of our hidden conciousness”

Among the sleep – Toddler game – new perspective

Soundself – Meditiation and Chanting Game – Its hard to understand this game without playing it I think, especially when someone is talking over it. I’ve downloaded the prototype, so I’ll give this a go later.

“Virtual reality can be used to help us understand the experiences of other humans in the real world, just as it can fuel a sense of escapism, or fantasy”

He calls art games, non games, “experiential games” I love that wording.

“This is the sort of gameplay that relies less on twich gaming and more on gradual exploration, what we might call gameplay by walking around and looking at things”

Examples – Dear Ester, Proteus, Gone Home, Experiential Sequences in Uncharted

Please Don’t SpaceDog

“And it might just come to pass that a whole popular new genre of game emerges becuase of virtual reality that is about reflection, exploration and meditation, which might perhaps bring the world of games into new bounds as an art form. Work like thatgamecompany’s Journey and Flower, have already shown how popular that kind of game can be. ”

Mountain – Example of Meditative Game

Close Your – Shows inevitable passage of time

“animations make a contemporary game sing”

Alternative/Emerging demographics for games –  could explore this.

Representation – Agree with these points completely but my piece will not be character focused.

“games are a very ancient form of culture and they produce many power experinces for us. Experiences of emotion, intellect, experiences of self-discovery and discovery of others.”

“game designers are really waking up to the great range of experiences that we can create for our players and can expand into every aspect of our lives and our minds.”

Watching this talk again has got me really interested in the idea of meditative games or games as relaxation tools.


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