Attempts at Using External Python Editors :(

Things are not going well today! I have been trying to finish up the digital tutors tutorial that I started last week, but I can’t get my python environment set up.

I started off looking at how to make a setup file for maya so that certain scrips are run on launch. This is really handy for stuff that is going to be used regularly, like importing the maya commands module.


Next, I looked at mayapy.exe and how it can be used to run maya without the GUI interface. I guess this would be pretty useful when doing batch renders or anything intensive.


Then came the massive issue. The tutorial was showing how to use the python shell with maya, with a view to eventually create an external plug in. However, I was unable to get the shell to recognise the maya standalone module.


My first problem was that I was using the 32 bit version of python and the 64 bit version of maya.


I thought this would fix the issue, but no luck. It couldn’t find the module, even though looking at the system paths showed that it was actually looking in the right place. I tried a couple of different versions of Python but still nothing.



I’m leaving this for now, as it feels like its wasting a lot of time and doing scripts within maya is more important at this point.


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