Meeting With Lynn and Next Steps

This is a bit of a late entry, since I am just back from Eurogamer, but last week I had a meeting with Lynn to discuss where I am at with my ideas and if I am on the right track. I was concerned about weather or not I should be doing practical work, the contents of my blog and where I should go next with research. The good news is that last week I was much more on track than I thought I was! I was given a lot of useful advice on where to go next and some ideas I can explore.

When I was in London, I got a lot of really useful advice and inspiration from Tate Britain, The National Galleries, games in the Leftfield Collection and from some professionals that I spoke to.

After the meeting and my week away, I decided that my next steps are:


– Look at trends concerning aesthetics in games, particularly those where traditional art influences are involved.

– Look at reviews and consumer reception for art games and non-games.

– Conduct interviews with practitioners in the field of games fx and art games.

– Research feel in games and how aesthetics ties into this.


– Find out how the lack of effects in games changes the feel by photoshopping out effects from games that use them prominently.

– Design effects for a game that currently lacks effects.

– Define my skills gaps and work on these.

– Pick out shapes, motifs and colours from traditional and contemporary art pieces and investigate how these can be worked into effects that are normally seen as generic. (e.g – how could a muzzle flash be made more interesting by using shapes from David Bomberg’s Mud Bath?)

– Start studying python properly and see how scripting can be used to support the fx pipeline


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