Art Nouveau and Video Games

Right now this is just an idea that popped into my head, nothing researched or substantial, but I wanted to write it down in my blog so that I wouldn’t forget about it.

I wrote on my jellyfish map – “how can we use art movments in game art?” – but I thought of this as an environment art thing and left it alone. It could be really useful in fx though. Pattern and motif from traditional art could be used in very interesting ways.

A comparison I made this morning was between art nouveau and ribbon trails. The ribbon trails often seen in games to denote power ups or goals are comparable to the flowing, plant inspired shapes in art nouveau pieces. The colour schemes between these two are similar as well.


The Japonism seen in art neuavou works can also be seen in games. Here, Charles Fredrich Worth’s textile piece, influenced by the reopening of Japan in 1854, contains the same simplified cloud motif as the Wind Waker, though as it is a Japanese game, it is likely that it is directly influenced by Sumio-e.


This reminds me of the breakdown of shapes in the environments for Disney’s Cinderella, but I can’t seem to find any images of it online. I know it’s in the Art of Tangled, so once I get my hands on that I can write about it.



Wind Waker
Charles Fredrick Worth


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