Reserarch Question Ideas

Rereading the posts I’ve made this week, I’ve constructed some research questions from their main points. It was stressed to us last week that it is important for the project to have a “why” and be useful to someone who reads it next year, so I have tried to address this too.

How can effects animation support story and atmosphere in games?

How does fx help immerse a player and support the genre and theme of a game?  Research the impact of fx on environmental storytelling and tone of different levels/events.

Example Games

-Tomb Raider 2013





I am really interested in games that explore emotion and emergent story, I would love to see more of these types of games.

How can stylisation help integrate fx into a game environment?

Look at use of shape, colour and style in comparison with environment and characters, and how this can create a more concise artistic vision across a game.

Example Games


-Wind Waker



Push for more artistry within games – not “cold, lifeless and predictable” as Gilland says.

How can effects animation aid gameplay decisions?

Look at how trails and markers as well as more subtle integrated effects affect a player’s navigation decisions.

Example Games

Dead Space



Telling players where to go though effects and subtle environment integrated signs can be used in place of intrusive UI for a more immersive experience.


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