VFX to Aid Gamplay – Fable 3 and Dead Space

In Fable 3 and Dead Space, certain fx are used to aid gameplay, helping lead the player around the envrionment to their goal.

Fable 3

  • Glowing trail – used to lead player if they get lost. Its not overley intrusive, colours matches with the environment well.
  • Dissapears without popping so that it doesn’t interupt game flow. (camera based depth fading)
  • Made up of light and sparkles – very abstract, generic magic feel. This means that it can be belived to be something that only the player character can see, whlist still integrating into the environment. Represents an abstract concept.
  • Candle light is used to sublty guide the player in the right direction – similar to Flower in that light represents good and therefore should be followed.
  • Effects are used to indicate important objects, confirm actions and for spell casting, much like in Trine.
  • Used to indicate contents of chests before player opens them.
  • Large areas of light show goals.


e d 6788863_orig

“The glowing trail fits well within the fiction given it’s magic aesthetic quality although it is just a guide for the players eyes only and the character isn’t meant to be aware of it.”

“It’s a glowing “breadcrumb” trail, which, as we found in the options menu, could be adjusted to be more or less in our faces. ” – Interesting considering Fable’s fairytale roots – fx driven by story/setting?

Dead Space

  • Locator beam shows player where to go.
  • Inegrasted into suit and storyline to add beliveabilty.
  • Smoke and drips convey the idea that the ship is breaking down, that everything is going wrong.
  • Indicates objects that the player can pick up or smash.

dead-space-04 deadspace3scr_006-large

“EA’s in-house engine powers an amazing looking game, with detailed, lifelike characters and environments, awesome real-time lighting and a dizzying array of post-processing and particle effects.


Fable 3

Dead Space





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