Inspiration – Games FX that Support Story

Looking at some games I’ve played recently and how they use fx to support story.

Trine 2

  • Beautiful use of over-saturated colour – supports fantasy genre and makes it  more surreal.
  • Effects everywhere in the wizard’s house, used for fire, magic and dust. These support the idea that he is magical.
  • Scripted lighting shows the urgency of the Trine’s call.
  • Particle effects are a huge part of the environment and support the magical feel. e.g – particles falling from trees.
  • Effects used to bring belivablity to lighting and as part of props – torches and waterfall.
  • Effects used for magic – spell trails and sword slashes.
  • Used to indicate: collectibles, usable objects and magical objects.

trine1 trine2 trine3 trine4 trine5 trine6trine7


  • Effects are heavily integrated into the environment.
  • Destruction related effects such as sparks, water dripping, fire and smoke support the idea that Rapture is in complete disrepair.
  • It heightens the sence of danger – not only should you worry about splicers and big daddies, the environment could kill you too.
  • Effects integrate well into the environment – smoke uses light colour, water appears to have a source etc.
  • On the other side, the heavy use of emissive materials hints at the previous decadence of Rapture, the neon reminding the player of the riches of New York, Tokyo or Las Vagas. Again, colour is used to integrate into the environment.
  • Environment art for Bioshock’s Rapture is based in the art deco period, reinforcing the time of Rapture creation. This period represented luxury, glamour and faith in social and technological progress, themes that are central to the narrative of Bioshock and the views of Raptures citizens.

2014-09-05_00001 2014-09-05_00005 2014-09-05_00014 2014-09-05_00011 2014-09-05_00026 2014-09-05_00004 2014-09-05_00035 2014-09-05_00033 2014-09-05_00037 2014-09-06_00001

“Employing new building materials that were manipulated into stepped, radiating styles that contrasted sharply with the fluid motifs of Art Nouveau, Art Deco architecture represented scientific progress, and the consequent rise of commerce, technology, and speed. This, together with its image as a modern, opulent style, made Art Deco designs especially suitable for the interiors of cinemas, ocean liners such as the Queen Mary, and the architecture of train stations across the United States. It endured throughout the Depression due to the practicality and simplicity of its design, and its suggestion of better times ahead.”



Trine 2


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